iGear Gears Toy Review


Class - 3P (about a large Legends or Scout sized figure).


Gears was a character in G1 who actually had some characterization in the show. He was a grumpy SOB. The Generations Gears is pretty expensive at this point and honestly, I never liked how it looked. Maketoys Gears looks good, and I love their Swerve, but it doesn't feel like Gears to me. Maybe a Cybertronian Gears?? (Been pondering this for a while and I may do it down the road). So at the time I picked up Gears, I really didn't have THAT many options. I had one or two iGears figures in the past, so I said "why not try Gears".

Bot Mode-

Like most of the iGear stuff I have, Gears looks good for a collector, but not so much for a kid (or anyone who wants to play with their figures, or even stretch that out further into anyone who wants to make a display with dynamic poses). Here's the good, he looks great head on and even a little from each side (His head can turn slightly left and right, why couldn't hastak do this for most of the Studio Series Constructicons?!?). He is a bit too big in comparison to other Legends/Scout sized figures both mainline and 3P. He really is on the border of really small deluxe. He is sculpted very well, but his arm articulation is too limited. His arms are on balljoints, but can only go up and down and a little outwards. His legs have little outward movement but good knee bend (mainly because of transformation). The actual sculpting of Gears is really nice. His face has that grumpy face and it is the cartoon face not the visor of the G1 toy. His chest has a lot of nice yellow on it despite being primarily red. His arms are a bit weird due to transformation but they are blue red and gray. He has silver open hands which are 5mm. If this same exact figure came out at a 10 dollar price point, I would like it, but I spent, I think, 29.99 for it. He really is a bit too big for a scout and too small for a deluxe.


Transformation is fine. Nothing crazy, but Legends figures never have complicated transformation. The transformation is pretty simple and honestly, but it isn't the most simple transforation ever. The arms into vehicle are a bit unusual. For complexity I give Huffer a 5.25 out of 10. For fun a 5.25 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Gears vehice mode is pretty nice. But like most minibots, he looks weird in vehicle mode next to Deluxe or bigger figures. He is a blue pick up truck with black windows, a red bump in the rear. He pegs/tabs together well and rolls well. There is a port on top of the vehicle mode for his weapon. He is awkwardly sized and it is more noticable in vehicle mode than robot mode.


Gears comes with a hand held (under his hand) mini gun. I've never seen anything in the cartoon or any comic where he used this weapon. It is cool, but I think I would've preferred something more traditional like a pistol

3rd Party Add Ons-



He looks really good. Solid quality plastic.


Size feels weird, not as articulated as I'd like to see. Considering I paid 9.99 for POTP Windcharger and it is more articulated and better sized than iGear Gears (which I paid i think 29.99 for) it doesn't work out well for me.


iGear Gears is the best Gears that I have, but that doesn't mean he is good. He's the worst of a bad set of options. Eventually I am going to replace him with MFT Gears I think. I rate him 4.75 out of 10.

American Retools and Repaints-

iGear Swerve (retool)





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